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Home, Business & SMME Support

Our technicians are trained professionals who are able to deal with your specific needs, whether you are a home user who needs an understanding and patient technician, a home business who needs quick turnaround time and service that doesn’t break the bank or a multi-user business environment that requires fast and efficient service that is scalable to their needs and has the backbone to support their systems.

Managed IT & Disaster Management Services

It all boils down to Proactive vs Reactive. Proactive Managed IT Services allows for advanced device and network monitoring which allows us to prevent and foresee future issues that may occur. This allows for faster turnaround time which means less down time for you. With remote support and high priority on-site support, discounted rates on hardware and servicing we are able to provide your business with a solution perfect for it.

Slow Computer?

Need not worry, the Xperts are here. The list is endless as to the reason why your computer may be slow, ranging from failing hardware, windows updates, corrupt software & programs, viruses & malware etc, our experienced techs can assess and provide solutions to put a smile back on your face again.

Windows and Mac OS System Errors

Do you know your Error 0xc000254 from your Error -1008F? Don’t worry we do! From systems not starting up, system crashes, program crashes, we are able to diagnose and provide a fix for your system. Non-booting, boot- loops, Blue Screens (BsoD), Black Screens (KsoD) we are able to get your system running again.

Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialists have a remarkable success rate. We recover data from laptops, desktop computers, external hard drives, SSD drives, USB flash drives, phones, tablets and most forms of data storage. Our computer data recovery starts from R 1 999 depending on the extent and type of damage. We abide by the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), hence your data is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity, data is encrypted when backed up on our server and internal protocols ensure its safety.


Wi-Fi, Internet, Fibre & Networking

Let’s face it, having internet and Wi-Fi issues is one of the most frustrating problems of the 21st Century. So, if you have internet & Wi-Fi problems, Network sharing & network printer issues or just need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage we will be able to get you connected. With internet being an integral part of everyday life, downtime cannot be an option. Let us seamlessly connect you.

Mac OS & Windows Support


Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware, Bloatware, Ransomware, Pop-ups

All the “wares” might be a bit intimidating at times but that’s why we’re here to assist you. We cover the broad spectrum of computer viruses on Windows and yes Mac too. Viruses slow down your computer, corrupt and infect files, hi-jack your internet, compromise personal information, steal passwords, make your pc a “zombie”, encrypt (lock-up) your data and force you to pay to retrieve it, these are but some of the thing’s viruses do other than just being an annoyance in using your computer. Prevention is always better than trying to recover after a devastating infection therefore we provide security assessment and provide a security solution for your specific needs. In the case of your computer already infected by a virus we have state of the art security analysis than can remove the viruses from your system. As scary as it is you could be infected & not know about it. We take care of all forms of Viruses & Malware and will help protect you & your computer against the threats of the cyber world. Call one of our Xperts to do a full security analysis.

Computer Setup, Data & Program Migration, System Image Cloning

Have a computer and need it Setup? We are able to transfer data, programs, settings, emails etc from one device to another. If you are upgrading to a larger capacity hard drive or to an SSD, we can also provide a cloning service which is essentially an exact duplicate of your old drive which allows for a more seamless experience.

Microsoft Office

We supply, install & configure and diagnose Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (emails) and other programs part of the MS Office Suite.

Home & Business Consultancy and I.T Audits

Buying a new computer, expanding your network, not sure what software to get or printer to buy? Why fret the small stuff; we are the Xperts and can advise you based on our experience, knowledge and ofcourse your setup and requirements allowing you get the absolute best for your needs. We also offer full I.T audits seeing where there are flaws in the system, what can be improved and streamlined creating a better workflow and saving you in the long run.

Email Programs - Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, ThunderBird

From diagnosing errors & issues to setting-up email address, moving emails and contacts over to another system, creating forwards, rules & signatures, preventing spam, we are able to provide solutions for you.

3rd Party program setup & Troubleshooting

Have errors or need setup of programs other than your standard programs like Google Chrome, MS Teams, Skype, Zoom, Adobe CC Suite, CAD, Games etc. We are able to assist with these programs on Windows & Mac OS

Extended Workshop Hours

Ensuring your device gets back to you faster!


Speed Optimization, Clean - Ups & Services, PC Tune Ups

e-waste, Recycling, Donations & Data Sanitization

Is your computer or laptop painfully slow? Slow start-up? Programs take a long time to open? Over time computers do tend to become slower. Our clean-ups & Yearly Services ensures your computer is up to optimal performance and health for both hardware & software allowing you to work more efficiently.

We offer pickups of your preloved devices in working or non-working condition. Should you have personal data on the device we provide our data sanitization services free of charge which ensures your personal security. Should a device be unable to be repurposed we recycle the components and devices. Should a device be donated in a usable condition or able to be repurposed we offer our services free of charge to repair and get the device up to standard to donate to our NGO and Charity Organizations.

Slow iMac and MacBook

Network File & Printer Sharing

Apple products are not exempt from experiencing software issues and being slow, they just have a lower probability of experiencing issues than its competition. When your Mac does present issues of slowing down you can be rest assured that we will be able to assess and advise on returning your Mac to its previous speedy and swift self.

Make local backups to a network drive or share data between 2 or more devices. Maybe have an older printer or a non-wireless printer? Well, we can configure this printer to print wirelessly.

VPN – Accessing remote server from home

QuickBooks & Pastel Support

Working from home has become the new normal. In this new normal, users at home still need to sometimes access information from your server at the office. We can setup a VPN which will allow a remote connection from employee’s home, direct to the server ensuring productivity at its peak. The connection is secure as if the user is sitting in the office.

A lot of times errors that present themselves when using these programs have to do with windows and network issues, in these cases we can take over from QuickBooks and Pastel support to resolve your issues. We also setup multi-user company sharing on the network from computer or server.


Knowledgeable Techs


Computer & Smart Device Training & Tutoring

VoIP & Digital Calling

We are able to show you the ropes and make life easier. Our tutors are patient and knowledgeable with experience in showing you how to use your smart device with ease! From “newbies” who just bought their first smart device or computer that want to master the basics or experienced users that want to access advanced features, we will be able to provide our expertise.

Need to answer business and “landline” calls anywhere in the world and not be restricted to your home or business premises. We are able to migrate your existing number or setup a completely new digital calling solution for you. Contact us for a free quote!

Personalized private and company emails

Escrow & Check-ups when buying from 3rd party individuals

Stand out from the crowd! Ever wanted your own personalized email without having to deal with old outdated service providers? We can provide family email addresses eg John Smith could create a domain called and have his family all get personalized email addresses like, In the very same way companies can create their own email ecosystem and look professional eg. A business called AJH Transporters can create email addresses such as,, and so forth. Contact our team for a quote on providing you with a custom solution for you or your business.

Ever wanted to buy a laptop or computer from a private seller on Gumtree, OLX, Facebook Marketplace etc but were hesitant as you might not have the experience of testing and might overlook something and then be left with a bad deal or security might be a concern. We offer Multi-point checks to ensure the device is up to standard and you are getting your money’s worth. We can also facilitate the transaction from both parties’ side if you are either buying or selling ensuring your money is released only when the item is checked and approved. This ensures a safe and smooth transaction.




Service Coverage Areas

We service almost all of Gauteng, Including but not limited to Johannesburg, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Midrand, West Rand, East Rand

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